Training for your Chihuahua

Posted on February 22, 2009 @ 2:23 am
by John Savage

A lot of people are under the impression that Chihuahuas are a tough breed to train, but I don’t agree with that. Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs, good at doing tricks, and are highly trainable.

And you can train them by rewarding them when they get something right. For example, if you want them to sit when you go to answer the door, then reward them with a treat when they do it, and they will get into the habit of doing that.

Reward them for their good behaviour, but do not punish them for bad behaviour. As somebody once said “accentuate the positive” and you will continue to get positive results.

When you ask them to do something, and they do it, go overboard with your praise, and your treats, and they will probably do the same again next time. If they don’t just withold the treat until you get the desired action.

As far as commands go, I would suggest that most of your commands should be verbal commands. You could use hand signals, or the Clicker method, but I believe that verbal commands are best.

As regards timing, aim for two or three short training sessions a day lasting no more that fifteen minutes, and try and do this every day, not just when you think of it.

Start off your sessions learning some simple commands such as sit and stay, and then when they are mastered you can move on to more complex commands, but remember to do all of this just one step at a time.

And this one step at a time approach will pay off big time. Your dog is highly intelligent, and keen to please, so please show them kindness and patience, and your training time will be well rewarded.

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