Nursing Careers – Increasing demand, shortfall of supply

Posted on February 22, 2009 @ 2:19 am
by Jimmy Stroud

The healthcare industry is changing by the day, and with all the changes that seem to come with time, you would find that the role of nurses, and trained ones at that, gets to be the most important in the healthcare sector.

With the domain of medical sciences acquiring new dimensions by the day, you would find that nurses are finding highly fulfilling careers not only in private healthcare organizations, but elsewhere too.

Just so you know, here is a list of 5 top nursing careers:

Travel Nursing Careers

From Honolulu to Florida and any other place in the United States of America, you could pursue a nursing career, which in most cases is highly recognized and fulfilling from a financial perspective. In doing travel nursing, you could control your nursing career and work in a variety of healthcare settings. Of course you could work in healthcare providing organizations, but that is not the only place where you could work out of.

Travel nursing as a career is highly fulfilling primarily because of the fact that it pays you really well. Nurses get paid an average hourly salary of about $30, which is very good by any yardstick.

Military Nursing Careers

Supporting the military that protects our nation is like a dream come true for nurses who enjoy doing this noble task. For this, a nurse would essentially be choosing a career in armed forces, which opens the doors to some exciting travel and educational benefits. With this option, you would not only be able to enjoy your nursing role but also add a lot of supporting shoulder to the nation.

Forensic Nursing Careers

As per a recent survey, the crime rate in a lot of states in the United States of America has been increasing in a big way. Of course, the FBI coupled with a lot of forensic laboratories, are doing a good job of cracking most criminal cases.

Obviously, the objective of forensic organizations is to ensure that criminals are brought to book for their wrong doings. In essence, this is one kind of nursing program that will uplift you in terms of value. Forensic nursing careers are considered to be the most financially rewarding.

Legal Nurse Consulting Careers

Do not get perplexed when you hear that law and medical science go hand in hand. Well, it may not be in your routine visits to your doctor, but it certainly ca n in some cases. In these cases, you would find Legal Nurse Consulting being in vogue.

Now, these nurses get paid exceptionally well for their services, with their pay package ranging from $100-$150. For this, they need to be specialized in one kind of nursing for some time, and also need to have their RN License.

Surgical Nursing Careers

This really is the crux of nursing. Doctors perform surgeries on patients regularly to treat the disorder, the treatment for which the patient came to the healthcare organization. It is the surgical nurses responsibility to look after the administrative stuff before and after a surgery.

Surgical nurses arrange all the basic requirements for a doctor to carry out his operation well. Importantly, surgical nurses also look after the general patients up-keep during his stay with the healthcare organization.

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