What Is The Best Cluster Headache Treatment?

Posted on February 21, 2009 @ 2:31 am
by Chad Moussette

For a small segment of the population, cluster headaches can cause severe pain with little warning. Cluster headaches can strike seemingly random intervals, for which the name “cluster” is given. Patients are known to live for years without a problem, and suddenly suffer them for a period of weeks on end.

The exact cause of cluster headaches is not known, although it is thought that stress, alcohol, and drugs can all play a role in promoting an attack. Even without these factors, however, a series of cluster headaches can befall a patient at any time in their life. A cluster headache can be easily identified by the pain level.

A sufferer of a cluster headache sometimes experiences a runny nose or eyes. The pain tends to focus behind one eye, and is often described as feeling like an icepick. This extremely uncomfortable sensation sometimes becomes very painful, often times triggering a pain crisis in the patient. The pain is often intense enough to cause irrational behavior and extreme reactions. Immediate treatment is very important. Sedatives and pain killers should be the first line of defense against cluster headaches.

Cluster headache treatment is a difficult process because of the seemingly random nature of their attacks. Instead of always remaining on medication, cluster headache treatment is typically limited to lifestyle choices. Avoiding drugs and alcohol is an important first step in avoiding a triggering of cluster headaches. Although prevention is difficult, cluster headache treatment measures such as powerful pain killers can be necessary to have on hand.

Frequent cluster headaches are a definite sign that a visit to the doctor is in order. Although cluster headaches may happen totally at random, they may sometimes be a sign of a deeper neurological issue. If this is the case, patients should see a doctor as soon as possible. Some forms of stress management may also be considered effective cluster headache treatment.

Although the role of stress in cluster headache treatment cannot be known for certain, it is thought to play a role, and could potentially have an effect on the cluster variety of headaches. Significant emotional stress is known to cause a variety of physiological symptoms, and could play an important role in cluster headaches as well.

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