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Posted on February 21, 2009 @ 2:15 am
by Angie Sandy

Providing a steady and consistent stream of website content will help you increase traffic. It boosts your chances of free traffic from search engines and content provides value to your visitors which in turn encourage repeat visits. Its a simple enough equation; more traffic often means more sales.

Frequent content is essential therefore for more traffic and sales. The difficultly lies in managing all of the content required to attain your traffic and sales goals. This is where a good content management system, or CMS, comes in handy.

What is a CMS?

A content management system is defined quite simply as a system used to manage the content of a Web site. It displays the content, creates linking and provides a uniform design for the site.

CMS Functions

1. CMS offers two main functions. It makes it easy for you, the user, to manage the creation modification, organization and even the deletion of content with a simple interface. The creation of content operates much like other basic word processing tools and allows you to format your content as you see fit ” all without HTML knowledge.

2. It delivers the content, it basically updates your website once youve added, modified, or removed your content.

CMS User Benefits

There are innumerable benefits to using CMS. Consider the possibilities of a system which makes writing, uploading, and storing all of your content, potentially thousands of articles simple ” no HTML required.

Outsourcing and delegating content tasks without compromising security. CMS gives you the ability to assign limited permissions to multiple authors. This means writers and assistants can manage and upload their own content without interfering with content they are not authorized to change.

– Professionally designed pages and no HTML required. WYSIWYG (stands for What You See is What You Get ” which refers to a web page editor that allows for copy and paste formatting), is the CMS function which may appeal to many non-technical internet entrepreneurs. If you would rather not have to learn HTML but still want your content to have all of the features and functions that an HTML document has, then look for a content management system with a web editor. Users can format their content as they see fit, with underlining, bold and even embedded text links, without having to know programming languages.

– Access from anywhere, anytime. Many website owners struggle with the fact that they have to be at their personal computer if they want to upload or change any aspects of their website. A CMS based website is accessible from any computer. All you have to do is logon to your account and youre good to go.

Better SEO. Consistent and relevant content boosts search engine rankings. As your rankings improve so too will your website traffic and ultimately your profits. When the content management process is this simple, SEO rankings are sure to improve

Secure and easy to use. While each CMS operates a bit differently, many are intuitive and very easy to use and dont require hours of time with a user manual. Its also important to be able to password protect specific areas of your website.

This can be helpful if you want to distribute a report on a limited basis to a few subscribers. Simply email them the URL and provide the access password.

A good content management system makes being an internet entrepreneur a much simpler and more profitable experience. Not all CMS systems are created equal. If youre looking to utilize a content management system into your business website, make sure youre getting a user friendly, secure product which offers good customer support and all the features you need to continue growing your business.

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