The Danger Of Prescription Drug Abuse

Posted on February 21, 2009 @ 2:36 am
by Leland Michaels

When someone says “drug addiction”, what do you think of? Most would say alcohol, cigarettes or cocaine.

But what about addictions to other substances that are not harmful to your mind or body when taken properly? I am talking about prescription drugs.

Hospitals use prescription drugs all over the world for many reasons. Their are pain relief drugs, drugs for disorders of the psyche, and many other applications.

Prescription drugs are created to solve problems and help people. But they are just as harmful as other drugs if they are used improperly and just as addictive.

Prescription drugs are made to help so they create a mental trap for people. They don’t think they are dangerous.

Everyone know that cocaine and cigarettes kill people everyday. But the pain medicine you family doctor gives you for your back problems is far less intimidating, and thus it is easier for people to fall into abusing them.

That also means it is more difficult for the person suffering to get help. If their doctor gave them the drugs it is hard for them to see that they have a problem.

It also makes it hard to see how dangerous they are. But most deaths caused by prescription drug abuse happens the first time the person abuses them. That means most people only have to do it one time and they could die.

Don’t hesitate to help your loved ones if they may be suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs.

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