Should You Leave Your Yeast Infection Untreated

Posted on February 20, 2009 @ 2:21 am
by Jennifer King

Untreated yeast infections are very rare, and that’s because of the burning and itching that accompanies them. But even with the irritating symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection some sufferers will still attempt to see if their infection will disappear if they try and forget about it. The problem is, if the Candida is left untreated it will just spread and continue to do so for ever.

A candida infection is caused by the mutated yeast which is an aggressive form of fungus. Once the mainly harmless Candida mutates it turns into this fungus and it’s going to feed on your body ‘s cells until you make the decision to treat yourself. As well as feeding off of your body’s cells it will also feed on the food that you eat if you’re eating the foods that the Candida loves.

If your Candida infection is left without an attempt to treat it, it will just spread until the pain gets insufferable. Any bacteria or fungus will relentlessly spread as it adapts easily to it’s environment. And the longer you leave the fungal infection without treatment the harder it will be to treat. The Candida will sink it’s way into your skin looking for new cells to feed on. It makes no difference whether these cells are on your skin surface, inside your vagina or are the walls of your intestines, the fungus will love feeding on them.

Your fungal infection will get to the point where typical over the counter treatments will no longer kill the Candida as they won’t permeate your skin deep enough to effectively treat your fungal infection. The over the counter treatments that you purchase will just remove the yeast on the surface of your skin as they are unable to be absorbed sufficiently for deeply burrowed fungus.

When the yeast that has survived your cure carries on infecting you it will become immune to the treatment you’re using. It does this by mutating into a tougher yeast that becomes more difficult to rid your body of.

If your yeast infection has taken residence in your intestines the burrowing of the mutated Candida will one day perforate the walls of your intestines. This is commonly called leaky gut syndrome. This leads to the toxins manufactured by the yeast entering your bloodstream, and then these toxins will start causing problems in other parts of your body.

The toxins from the fungus will start attacking your internal organs. Symptoms that you should start suffering from include

Lethargy Foggy brain and concentration problems Mood swings for no reason Memory loss Aching joints Recurrent yeast infections And many more

If you’ve ended up in the position where you need to treat a deep rooted fungal infection in your vagina or intestines you can simply get help via your PC. There are a handful of very good products available to you among the hundreds that you will find online.

Knowing which products to buy could have you treating your yeast infection from today. Once you have the information you need to rid your body of the yeast you can go back to enjoying a energetic, healthy lifestyle.

You will learn how to starve and then kill the yeast, repopulate your friendly bacteria and strengthen your immune system.

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