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Posted on February 18, 2009 @ 2:24 am
by James

The topic for this is all about high risk rates for auto insurance. As in the past, I will be giving you some advince on how to save money and ultimately get the best value out of your policy.

Getting an auto insurance policy is extremely important, and is something that shouldn’t be delayed. There are several policies available out there that can be customized to meet even the most limited of budgets. I can tell you of several friends who thought they were saving money by not getting any auto insurance. Only to get into an accident months down the road and finding out that paying for car repairs is a lot more expensive than car insurance.

One other thing you need to know is that auto insurance rates tends to increase if you are a high risk driver. The safer driver you are, or in their terms low risk, the lower your premiums will be. This makes perfect sense, as what kind of company would be willing to offer lower rates for bad drivers?

So how do you determine what auto insurance policy best fits you? The first place you should consider is your income. How much can you afford? With the amount you make every month, how much do you think you can pay for premiums? Another thing you should take into account is your driving habits. As I mentioned earlier, the way you drive determines if you are a high or low risk driver. Do you often get caught for speeding? How many moving violations have you had? Auto insurance providers will look into every citation, and adjust their rates according to their findings. Having a clean driving record translates to lower premiums, so avoid getting any tickets.

One last thing you should take into consideration is the kind of car you drive. A sports car, or any kind of high speed vehicle will significantly increase your auto insurance premiums. Try to remember that before you start saving up for that Miata. Cheaper, but safer cars like mini-vans and sedans are not only more economical, but they won’t drive up your premiums.

Thanks for reading this issue. Come back next time for more helpful tips that you can use!

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