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Posted on February 17, 2009 @ 2:11 am
by Amanda Somrekli

A home business is a great way to find that out. Can you make as much money as your day job, more or less? When you know this, you can truly transform your life, because you have done a wise decision, and reaped the benefits by running a part time work from home business.

Do you dream of a better house/new car?Every time your boss tells You! that You! must give up Your! plans as some project must be completed, but he must go because he has promised to take his wife to some dinner party. You dream of the benefits of being the owner of your own home business.

Yes, you can get great business deductions with a home business! The best thing about a home business is that you probably will not have nearly as much overhead as a traditional brick and mortar business.

If, however, you’re ready for the good and the bad then yes, maybe it’s time to be a home business opportunity seeker.

If you need to take time off, you can, as it is your home business and you do not need anyone else’s permission!

Tax Advantages for the Home Business Office:Home businesses have many tax advantages and benefits. Here is an example of some various home business deductions you can take advantage of:

Remember at all times to stay positive and focused on your own home business, even if sales are not up to expectations, at times you may even hear negative comments from people you know, ignore their comments, these people just accept what life as given them, but you know you do not have to accept that, just stay positive and your home business will prove them all wrong and provide you with the lifestyle you use to dream about!

But even if you do switch occupational lanes and open up a home business, boredom will still be your constant companion if your home business isn’t your passion either.

In managing your home business, you have to be prepared to devote much of your time and effort. There will be instances when you’d have to work overtime, and no one’s going to pay you extra for that. But if your home business is your passion then you wouldn’t mind working extra hours.

When you entertain clients or meet them for dinner, you can deduct the travel costs, as well as the cost of the meal or entertainment. Usually you can deduct up to 50% of these expenses.

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