Folk Festival of Alaska

Posted on February 17, 2009 @ 2:21 am
by Ian Kleine

Alaska, too, has festivals of its own right. Every state does have one. Alaska has its Alaska Folk Festival which is held every spring, in the good month of April, when the air has thawed out a bit.

The event is free; there is no admission fee, any charge for concerts, the dances or any other event. It’s an event of humanity for the folks around the state. Everyone is encouraged to join and be a part of the event. Novices, amateurs, professionals and experts are welcome, and there are no auditions whatsoever. Just the submission of applications and its done.

The Alaska Folk Festival is an open event for people of any age. It is usually visited by most people from around the country and around the world. It is a very extensive festival, with its audience of varying demographics, culture, location, age and interest. But the festival can cater to everyone and anyone.

The history of the AFF started around 1975, with the title of the First Annual Southeast Alaska Folk Festival. The first event was proven to be a success, thus it had continued on to become a yearly event.

It had went on until the event became a well-rooted tradition for the people of Alaska. The main focus isn’t really of the modern times but the style and culture of the Alaskan musicians. In contrast of the guest artists music, it displays the varying differences and the similarities of each and everyone.

Even then and now, the festival continues to be a non-profit endeavor that continuously brings in crowd upon crowd of performers and culture-enthusiasts. It is a meeting place, a venue for people of one heart; for those who want to preserve and discover the subtlety and art of the Alaskan culture.

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