Avoid Winter Harm to Your Skin – Naturally

Posted on February 16, 2009 @ 2:17 am
by Marilyn Etzel

Some natural skincare tips help to protect our delicate features during the winter months. While winter is beautiful, our skin may not be due to the often harsh weather conditions.

Extra moisture may be needed in winter. The sun may shine, but the air is still cold and brisk. Thats a deadly combination for unprotected skin. Clothing keeps us warm but doesnt replenish the moisture we lose from our skin. Finding ways to bring that moisture back is the main focus of winter skin care.

1. Hydrate with water“Drinking water gives our bodies an internal shower. The more moisture we take in, the better our skin will look. It will also resist drying when we sweat. Our skin is also an organ that needs moisture to stay healthy.

2. Moisturize at night“Even if we put on lotions or creams during the day, we might forget to do so at night. We cover up to stay warm, but that is not enough. Activities throughout the day deplete the moisture in the skin and not moisturizing at night continues the process. Cover your skin with a layer of moisturizing lotion before bed. To keep feet from getting dry and cracked, massage them with a natural salve or balm and cover them with socks.

3. Wear sunscreen“Many people dont consider the winter sun to be hot but anytime the sun shines, it is giving off radiation. The harmful radiation of the sun can dry out our skin as well as damaging it on the surface and deeper. Many natural skincare products contain zinc which is a mineral that acts as a natural sunscreen.

4. Humidifier”You dont have to be sick with a cold to use a humidifier. Dry heat in the home can irritate nasal passages and the skin as well. Adding a little moisture stops the drying process and keeps everyone hydrated.

5. Exfoliate your skin“This can be accomplished with skin creams that contain microbeads, a sugar scrub, or by using a loofah sponge. Using gently circular motions, the exfoliant removes dead skin from our body. A weekly scrub allows healthy skin cells to absorb the moisturizers better and the skin can maintain a healthy level of moisture.

6. Lukewarm showers“Taking a shower at cooler temperatures keeps pores closed so they dont lose moisture. Shorter showers prevent skin dryness. Rinse off quickly after lathering up to keep skin soft. Apply a moisturizing lotion after toweling off.

Winter winds can wreak havoc with our skin and leave us irritated. Learn to protect your skin by adding these simple steps to your daily routine.

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