Prospering as a real estate agent in the current market

Posted on February 15, 2009 @ 2:08 am
by Makelaar Maastricht

Because of adverse market conditions, many real estate agents are deciding not to renew their real estate licenses. They will be going back to so called ‘real jobs’. With most of the amateurs leaving, it leaves more options open for the serious, professional real estate agents. So think back to the famous song: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

It is still possible to prosper in the current real estate market, despite of a slow housing market and the foreclosure boom. It just takes the right mindset and the skill of focusing on what’s important right now.

There are a few options for real estate agents. One is of course to quit. If you weren’t making good money when times were good, this is the best advice for you. But if you are serious about the real estate business, you will have to dig in and see what niches you can serve. When you spot the right niche for you, you will have to market to this niche and fund the ‘hook’ that will reel them in.

Marketing is always the most important skill for an entrepreneur and especially in a crisis. Now is the time to work on your marketing skills and scoop up some market share that’s available because your competition is quitting left and right.

Marketing is the most important skill for any business owner, especially in bad times. If you take the time to research a niche and go after it, you will survive the storm and come out stronger and better.

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