Buying Domestic Helper Insurance

Posted on February 15, 2009 @ 2:04 am
by Alice Sy

Domestic helper insurance offers great assistance to everyone. Situations at home vary from one family to another and so does domestic helper insurance. Different companies have various packages of domestic helper insurance to choose from. So you have to determine which insurance package is right for you.

Domestic helper insurance offers different packages containing various policies. It is very important to carefully consider which package is right for you and your maids. And with all these fast emerging insurance companies, making a choice can be confusing. In this regard, the credibility of the insurance company matters a lot.

Many big insurance companies are in the field of customer service for years already. Their credibility foundation is strong not only because they have wider network, but more importantly, they know how to implement their policies effectively and to take care of their clients. In choosing domestic helper insurance company, look for credibility.

Apart from the credibility foundation of an insurance company, it is very important to scrutinize the insurance policies. Insurance companies have different plans to suit the domestic helper’s needs. A basic plan normally includes compensation and hospitalization in case of accidents, but there are more details to be aware of.

Domestic helper insurance policies can cover expenses like medical, dental, hospitalization, repatriation, service allowance and a whole lot more. Depending on which domestic helper insurance package you avail, details on coverage exclusions are properly indicated. A complete package of domestic helper insurance can provide full protection coverage in case of emergencies.

Domestic helper insurance also guarantees employers from fraud and theft. Even unauthorized use of Direct Dialing System are covered by some companies. Domestic helper insurance covers any loss of property and the like depending on the insurance policy. And not only that, the insurance company also takes care of the expenses the employer should have incurred in case the maids suffer from accidents and illnesses.

Buy a domestic helper insurance which is cost efficient. The insurance should attend to the basic need of both domestic helper and employer for protection in case something happens. And the cost should also be affordable and reasonable depending on the status of the employer-domestic helper relationship. Some domestic helper work full-time while some part-time. There is always the right domestic helper insurance package for everyone.

Finally, make sure that you agree with all the details, terms and conditions stated in the domestic insurance policy and its contract. The beneficiaries should trust the domestic helper insurance wholeheartedly.

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