Do you ever think that you may have gout?

Posted on February 14, 2009 @ 2:14 am
by Paul Mahon

Families often share traits, everyone in a family will have the same color hair or the same color eyes or they will all be very tall. Gout is another thing that gets passed from parent to child, especially male children. So if you have gout then you owe it to your children to start them on the path to avoid developing it themselves.

Your kidneys work very hard removing items from your body that can cause illness and even poison your body from the inside. If you don’t take care of your kidneys by doing things such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day to help flush toxins from your body then there is always the chance that they won’t be able to remove as much uric acid from your system as they should.

Not everyone with increased levels of uric acid in their blood stream will develop gout, but if you find your blood contains eleveated levels then it is a good reason to start taking precautions to reduce it. At it’s worst increased uric acid can lead to kidney stones and even kidney failure, as well as gout.

The use of the term “gout” has been commonly applied to the episode of painful arthritis like attacks. A more specific term to these attacks is “gouty arthritis”. It is characterized by sudden severe painful episode appearing as inflammation of the affected joint.

The inflammation of the joint is hastened by the occurrence of crystallized uric acid deposits in the person’s joints. These crystallized uric acids may be found in joint or synovial fluid and joint or synovial lining. Intense inflammation develops when white blood cells envelops the uric acid crystals as a defense mechanism. This action causes the release chemicals that results in inflammation. The person will experience severe pain, redness and heat in the area afflicted.

Elevated uric acid in your blood doesn’t automatically equal gout attacks, in fact Dr’s have not been able to link the two unequivocably, it is howver definitely a warning point. If you have pains in your toe joints, inflamation and swelling and then a blood test finds elevated uric acid then it is safe to say that you probably have gout.

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