How to Help The Morale of An Aging Senior

Posted on February 13, 2009 @ 2:30 am
by Bart Icles

It can be difficult age, to lose the abilities you once had and redefine your life with the abilities you do have. Some times in that redefining time morale can be low and it can be hard to see yourself as anything but a burden to others. Although we would argue to them that they are not and we still love them sometimes we need to take a further step and show them. Here are some ideas on how to show your aging loved one that you still care and they still have meaning.

Tip 1: Let them make their weekly schedule.

This will take extra effort on your part because you may have to slightly rearrange yours to be there when they need help. But this effort lets them know they are still in control of their time. Their life isnt just bent and manipulated to fit into everyone else but that their time matters too.

Tip 2: Call and ask for favors

For instance you have to do some research on the best local plumber to come fix your sink but you are having trouble fitting it in. Call and ask them to do the research and make the phone calls for you. This lets them know that there are still ways they can help you and that they are not the only ones receiving help.

Tip 3: Be social

Encourage them to be social and open opportunities for them to be, especially with others their age. It is a good thing to reminisce with people that were alive during the significant events they experienced and it is also nice to relate with people who are struggling with issues you are struggling with.

Tip 4:Let them Plan

If a family reunion or a neighborhood dinner is coming up invite them to help plan the menu, make assignments, plan activities. Being a part of the planning can be as much fun as participating. And while they are at the event they will have the fulfillment of watching their plan be executed.

Whether its you or a local service giving the daily care needs be actively involved in their moral and in their health. Nothing will take health down like the despair of depression.

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