Bandwidth Speed, What a Drag

Posted on February 12, 2009 @ 2:34 am
by Graham McKenzie

Do you get aggravated when your internet speed slows down and sometimes crawls as an unbearable rate? Does this trend increase with use? Your bandwidth speed may be lacking and fortunately there are several ways to correct the problem.

Testing and measuring your bandwidth speed is where you should start if you are unhappy with your connection speeds. The test will allow you to examine your computer for possible problems or bring attention to a poor internet provider.

So you want to measure your bandwidth speed? It’s simple, just log onto the net, and turn off any programs that might interfere or connect to the internet as well as any other computers on the modem. Visit a bandwidth speed testing site and follow their instructions.

The site will send you a file from the server. Accept this file. The file acts as the test, studying how fast your computer receives and downloads the file. If it’s fast, your internet speed is fast. Slower, and obviously your speed is not up to par.

After you receive the results from your bandwidth test, do not get flustered if they return very poor. Sometimes the test is affected by outside factors. I always recommend trying the test again at a later date. Several outside influences may change and yield back a much stronger result.

If the connection speed returns positive the first time, then obviously you do not have too much to worry about. More than likely your connection speed is strong, but sometimes affected by poor weather or a clog with all the traffic on the connection.

Poor performing bandwidth connections on the other hand are causes for concern. It could start with your connection. Adware and spyware directly influences network speeds as does your network card and computer. Check these specifications out and research to see if they meet the provider’s demands. If they do, or you upgrade and the speed is still slow, a good possibility exists that the internet provider is at fault. Consider switching services with a better provider.

Bandwidth is the number one way you can gauge your internet speed. It’s always a great idea to test out your bandwidth periodically. A lot of people recommend testing it out every three to four months. Whatever suits you, just make sure you do not get burned from your provider.

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