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Posted on February 11, 2009 @ 2:15 am
by Collin James

While some avoid discussing the colon and its function, it is undeniably one of the bodys most important organs. Because it is directly connected to the digestive system, when food is not properly digested, it often stays trapped; stuck on the colon walls. Most people have a lot of waste built up in their colon, which can cause a variety of health conditions.

A build up of toxic waste in the colon is something many people may be concerned about, and something others are not aware exists, evercleanse colon cleaner exists to combat this worry.With a detox/ cleansing formula and a replenishing formula, you get everything you need to maintain a healthy colon.

Losing weight with colon cleansing is not new. Evercleanse customer reviews report weight loss of 6 to 40 pounds from undigested food, feces and other waste being flushed from their bodies. This is consistent with the understanding that the colon carries 4 to 12 pounds of old fecal matter alone, so it is not a stretch that some could be carrying a total excess of 10 to 20 pounds on average. Simply cleansing this waste from the colon can help you to lose significant body weight immediately.

Evercleanse reviews and testimonials often talk about all the positive results from this product and how it has worked for them to improve their life. People who are trying to lose weight often do not realise that the colon can be a real trap for those excess pounds. The ridges in the walls of these passages can trap food in them which then decomposes and becomes toxic and potentially very harmful.

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