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Posted on February 11, 2009 @ 2:11 am
by Matt Murdock

Expert WordPress is made of two main packages:

1. The Basic Offer ($27) and

2. The Platinum (upgrade) Package (monthly membership) Do Not Buy This!

The Gold Package will help you get your WordPress blog setup and configured quickly, not by some Instruction Manual but through an Installer software program and videos to explain the process.

The Platinum Offer which is an upgrade option will help you move beyond the basic installation, it will help you not only Learn How To Blog but also learn How To Create Good Content for your blog.

Expert WordPress created by Alex Sysoef and Dimitriy Agadzhanov is an Excellent product that is designed to be used for the complete beginner, for the Newbies who wants to learn how to blog.

There are many different ways to put up your blog, my choice as well as the Alex and Dimitriy’s is the popular and powerful WordPress platform, a program which you must install yourself to use.

There are two ways in installing WordPress to your website, one is either by uploading it yourself to your website using an FTP or by using an installation software called “Fantastico” which is usually provided by your web hosting server.

The Ugly — After installing WordPress by using “Fantastico” you then need to Select a theme for your website,Upload this theme and activate it, Select some plugins, Upload these plugins and activate them, Insert some advertising codes into your website, Configure your blog so that it is working the way you want it to, and so on and so forth……

The Good — By loading the Expert WordPress software installer into your website you only have to 1. Fill in some fields 2. Select a blog header image, 3. And zippity-zap! You are done. This is what you get in the Expert WordPress Basic package.

The Bad — If you also want to Learn how to blog, Learn how to get traffic to your blog, Learn how to use web 2.0 for your blog, learn some money blogging techniques, then you could buy the Expert WordPress monthly Platinum membership, the site provides tons of videos for you to watch to help you become an expert blogger. My advice, Do Not Buy it!

Final Conclusion — If you are having trouble installing your blog, and you want a professional blog, Expert WordPress is a good fit. But if you also want to learn how to blog, you will need to upgrade to the monthly membership Platinum edition, or Buy Expert WordPress Gold with another blogging course.

Does What It Promises to Do? — Yes, the Basic package will install for you a fully running blog in minutes.

Easy to Use — The Expert WordPress software program is very unbelievably easy to use as long as can read simple English and type.

Customer Service — Quick and helpful responses.

Worth Your Money — The Basic package priced at $27 is great, especially since you will be saving a lot of time setting up your blog.

Overall Rating — The Gold Offer is perfect for Newbies who want to install their blogs quickly.

Do not get the monthly membership Platinum Offer, I advice you to choose a another blogging course from the other products that I reviewed.

Authors — Alex Sysoef & Dmitriy Agadzhanov

Package — The Expert WordPress Installer software program, Explanatory videos, Help Support system and members-only forum, 30 WordPress themes, Podcasting Made Easy e-book, RSS Announcer software program, Web 2.0 Resource information

Price — US$27.00 Gold Package; Do not buy the monthly Platinum Membership

Return policy — 56 days, no questions asked

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