The Disadvantages Of Selling Your Home All By Yourself

Posted on February 10, 2009 @ 2:19 am
by Ras Reed

The reason why some individuals prefer to sell their homes alone without the aid of a real estate agent or broker is to save money. An amount of nine thousand dollars has been estimated to be bulk of money that you can save if you decide to sell your house by yourself. With that amount of money as savings on home sales, who would want to use a real estate broker?

Despite the profits of selling your home by yourself, there are the downsides that you should be awake to;

When you sell your home by yourself, you actually limit the number of folks that you can reach with the information that your home is for sale. A real estate broker is trained to tap into the network of potential real estate buyers and can therefore pass the information across to a large number of folks.

However, working alone to sell your home can be limiting unless you are creative with the marketing technique you employ. Also, working alone in the sale of your home can slow down you from owning access to the multiple listings service. Only those who use a real estate broker can be listed on this service.

If a buyer is aware that you are selling off your home by yourself, he or she may try to negotiate the price of the house. If you are not skilled in negotiating, you may end up selling the house for less the price that it should be. Buyers are most hesitant to negotiate price when a real estate broker is present.

In addition you may actually hinder the sale of your home if you are the one taking the buyers on a tour around your home. They may feel like they are intruding.

Lastly, any mistake you make is solely yours. That can be frightening particularly when it is a costly mistake.

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