The Christian Home Business and Getting the Most out of Your Work

Posted on February 10, 2009 @ 2:24 am
by Gary Hamblin

There is a very True and Great way to go after and look at our work, but the problem is that we dont always get to do what we enjoy or even work with people that we get along with. With this in mind, we must still strive to love what we do for work, and we will never work a day in your life. Any work you have, even a job that you love well, will have its bad points and chores that will feel miserable to you. So, the way for us to get the best efforts out of our work and love it, we must make sure that our attitude and mind is not based upon the work itself or our own emotions.

Our work must reflect our position as Gods children. We would be very wise to adopt a new way of looking at our work. Work for the Lord you love, and you will be fulfilled every day of your life. (Colossians 3:23) Work wholeheartedly and willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Biblical obedience isnt just an external show along with an inward dissatisfaction and bitterness, but a true commitment to the happiness and well-being of our employer. Servants, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. Try to please them all the time, not just when they are observing you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord (Colossians 3:22). Times have definitely changed drastically through the years of history, but this profound godly principle still applies to the world of today. We get the greatest results from our work when we view ourselves as servants. Our modern day civilization educates us to pursue power and respect for ourselves, instead of working diligently for those who are in authority over us. But Gods Word teaches us very different principles, and that is one of respect for the authority above us, and one of hard diligent work that is not self-serving.

Gods children are called to be His servants. Since we spend significant amounts of time at a job, much of our service will be done there. As employees, we are to apply the biblical principles of obedience and sacrifice, because whoever our human boss may be, God is the ultimate authority overseeing our actions. He wants to see us practicing righteousness at work.

If you are blessed by God with the opportunity of owning a work at home business, which I highly urge most everyone to have as an important goal, you better take great care of it and work it with great diligence, or your ultimate supremacy (boss) will take it away from you. In regards to operating a Christian Home Business, in which YOU are now given the title of boss, please remember that you will always still have a boss that is in charge of you – and that is our Lord. I highly recommend that everyone do a research on the idea of owning a home based business for themselves, just to see if it could be a great decision for your financial situation.

God has intended us to be people of high standards, and doesnt want us to perform anything in a manner that results in just enough to get by. Hes called us to shine in the middle of any crowd, and to be people of greatness and integrity. Which means if you are working at a job as an employee, or if you have the good fortune of owning a home based business, we must always remember that God did not create us to be of standard quality or to be average at anything we set out to do.

The only way that we can actually be content in our life and work, is to be exactly who we have been planned to be, and that is people of distinction and integrity. If there is any evidence of compromise in the essence of our work, we could easily miss out on what could have been our grandest accomplishments or our largest triumphs in our life.

Dont allow mediocrity or average to be a part of your life or work, as you just might be missing out on some great blessings in your life. God doesnt bless mediocrity, but he blesses excellence! If we work with this standard of excellence in our mind, God promises to reward us! If you want the best for your life, then start aiming for excellence and integrity in your life now. Start by always doing a little bit more than you are required or expected to do in all aspects of your life. That little bit more will be the difference of your life being a life of just average, or a life of great excellence and grand achievement.

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