How Cheap Amsterdam Hotels Can Be?

Posted on February 7, 2009 @ 2:32 am
by Jetse Holland

Show me a person who doesn’t want to travel and see the world, and I bet you there’s something wrong with him. Humans are like this: they want to travel, they want to see new places, and amongst all, Europe has great touristic objectives. Amsterdam is one of the cities in Europe which lives out of tourism.

If you are on a small budget, you’ll probably want to find the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam. The good news is that you can find such good offers, but you have to start your search very early, in order to benefit from those special offers.

Amsterdam is literally full of hotels and boarding houses. Everywhere you look you’ll see at least one or two hotels. However, some of them may be expensive. On the contrary, others are cheap, and if you are lucky, you’ll find such a hotel in the city center.

If you don’t mind sharing your room with strangers, you can choose to stay in a hostel type accommodation. The main inconvenient in staying in a hostel is that you are not allowed inside during the day. Amsterdam offers a few such possibilities, and you’ll save a lot of money, which you can use for visiting more museums or getting more presents and souvenirs for your friends.

Not all Amsterdam hotels are owned by Holland native people. There are many of them which were bought by Americans. Such an example is the Bema hotel, one of the cheapest, yet central ones. The rooms are decorated in eclectic style and the hotel is in Museumplein, very close to Concertgebow and the Van Gogh museum.

When traveling on a shoe string budget, don’t forget to search for all transportation facilities that are around the potential hotels. You want to spend as little as possible for transport, so cabs are out of the question. Be wise, and save your money for a nice dinner or two.

Amsterdam is crossed by a multitude of canals, which partly make the beauty of this old city, the capital of Holland. Take a boat ride and enjoy watching the buildings as you pass by them. It’s a lot of fun and not very expensive.

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