Facts About Being Overweight-Can Your Afford To Ignore the Facts?

Posted on February 7, 2009 @ 2:24 am
by Xania C Hughes

Facts about being overweight are uncomfortable for people like me who know that they have a problem but just don’t know what to do about it. Unfortunately, being overweight just a few kilos can impact our health and well being. I personally have reached the point where I just have to do something about my problem.The reason? The latest facts about being overweight are absolutely frightening!.

What is so concerning about the current facts about being overweight? Here is the list of facts that got through to me:

1. 64% of people in the US are overweight

2. In Europe, 48 percent of people are overweight

3. Obesity affects approximately 27% of the American population

4. 325,000 deaths each year are directly related to obesity

5. Costs associated with obesity treatments were estimated at approximately $75 billion dollars in 2003.

6. Affecting over 300 million people, obesity is a worldwide problem

7. 750 million people worldwide are overweight

8. The weight loss market is forecast to hit $61 Billion in this year (2008) alone

It funny about what finally hits home! For me it is the last fact on my list above. I know I’m nearly fifty pounds overweight and I certainly am the first to admit I don’t exercise anywhere near enough! If I want to grow old and stay healthy and happy, I need to do something about my weight loss now, before it’s too late!

Apart from researching the facts about being overweight, I also looked into the latest weight loss trends. Researchers have shown that best weight loss occurs with a balanced , healthy diet and simple but regular exercise. People who stick to a plan on these lines lose weight and maintain the weight loss more successfully than people using any other method.

There are some other facts I discovered as well:

* Weight loss is difficult to maintain when it is achieved using diet pills

* Hollywood and fad diets usually only lose water from your system and as soon as you start eating again you gain the lost weight back

* It is better to learn how to design and prepare your own diet style meals. Using pre packaged and frozen diet meals only benefits the companies who manufacture them

* It is possible to build muscle using gym equipment that is expensive, but in reality, it is a proper eating plan that removes the fat located above muscle tissue.

Just what to do about being overweight can be extremely daunting, can’t it? Don’t fall into the trap of giving up though, just because it all seems too hard! To ensure happy,healthy and long lives we all need to ensure we implement correct healthy diet and activity into our daily routines.

Have my facts about being overweight motivated you? They have certainly influenced me to take charge of my life and do something possible about getting healthy and active as soon as I can.

Finding a healthy way to lose weight does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to involve magic diets, expensive gym equipment and toxic diet pills. In fact a quick search of the net will provide a couple of programs proven to assist healthy weight loss without costing enormous amounts of money.

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