Toronto Cruises for Board Meetings

Posted on February 6, 2009 @ 2:23 am
by Amy Nutt

It’s not really any secret that a Toronto harbor boat cruises makes for an exciting, entertaining and unforgettable occasion but what few people realize is that there are also a number of Toronto harbor cruises that cater specifically to corporate clients for an unforgettable meeting or business trip.

The city of Toronto is an incredible place for any type of event, but the beautiful relaxing waters of the harbor, coupled with a smooth cruise on an amazing private yacht seem to be the perfect recipe for the best corporate event possible.

The difference between a board meeting, and a Toronto harbor cruise board meeting

Most board meetings and new product launches are conducted (more like confined to) stuffy conference rooms with uncomfortable chairs and cold, bitter coffee that leaves the attendees struggling to stay awake. There are better and more entertaining ways to hold a corporate meeting – ways that will ensure that not only your employees, but that employees from other companies will be jumping at the chance to attend rather than absolutely dreading it.

Everyone has heard about the amazing Christmas and New Years Eve cruises and the wonderful wedding and fireworks cruises – imagine that kind of entertainment brought to your corporate event.

What’s different about a cruise?

Many Toronto cruise companies offer multiple themes for corporate events – themes that would easily put your run of the mill banquet type meeting to shame. Everything from a casino theme, to International (complete with a host of foods from nations around the world) to the tropics – the list goes on and on; and each and every option has extensive menus, tons of drink options and several entertainment choices.

You may have employees coming in from all over the country for your corporate meeting, this isn’t the time to try and scrimp and save – you want to show your employees how much you value their loyal service and you want them to truly take something special and positive away from the event.

Imagine how much more loyal, hardworking and dedicated your employees will be after you show them the time of their lives at the annual meeting on a Toronto harbor casino cruise, rather than packing them in like sardines into some stuffy conference room to sit through a boring lecture, only to have to jump on the red eye immediately after in order to be on time for work the following day.

Treating your employees to an experience like this ensures that they will take something away from the meeting, that they’ll not only have some reason to remember it but that it will be permanently ingrained in their memory. Your employees will come away from the experience rejuvenated and feeling appreciated, they’ll be excited about coming to work and helping your company succeed so that there may be more opportunities for ventures like this on in the future.

Instead of worrying about how your company can afford a corporate cruise – or a cruise theme – you should check into the reasonable pricing and see how it looks compared to how the books for last year look, and then ask yourself how you can afford not to do it.

Employee morale is a lot more important than many bosses and CEO’s would like to believe, it’s true as true can be that exceedingly happy employees perform at a much higher level than employees who are unhappy with their situation. Better performance leads to better service which leads to more customers and more revenue, it may seem hard to believe that such a minimal investment – one time a year – could make that big of a difference, but it can.

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