Spring & Garden Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

Posted on February 5, 2009 @ 2:00 am
by Aaron H.

Spring, because it follows the starkness of winter and because of the abundance of new life, has become one of the most popular seasons for couples to get married. Plants start shooting up from the ground and animals of many different varieties begin to give birth more in spring than in any other season of the year. Getting married is a symbolic way to begin a new life as a couple rather than as two individuals. This makes spring the perfect season to celebrate new life in all its forms with weddings and spring & garden wedding favors.

Following the barren sterility of winter, spring is a colorful and vibrant season. Brides and grooms generally choose decorations for their ceremony and reception sites that are also colorful and vibrant. Spring & garden wedding favors are equally colorful and cheery. Flowers and growing life are heavily used as thematic elements of items matching this season. It is not uncommon for couples to include packets of flower seeds that their guests can plant in their own flower gardens to begin new life themselves.

Couples who take on the responsibility of shopping for spring & garden wedding favors together often find this to be enjoyable experience. They are able to take a much rest from dealing with the more arduous details of planning the event and are able to find some new ideas they might want to include in the decorations as they go along.

Couples should focus the bulk of their energies on shopping online if they desire to see the greatest variety of spring & garden wedding favors. Online stores are not generally limited to the available display space as local bridal boutiques are. Worldwide competition helps to keep prices down to a reasonable level, unlike local shops that do not normally have much competition in their niche.

Many argue that favors are not required, but they have gained a new status as traditional parts of a wedding reception that people expect to see and receive. Their traditional purpose is to be given as “Thank you” gifts to the guests to display the gratitude of the couple for the time taken by them to come out on this special day to make it as nearly perfect for the couple as possible. These items are more forceful about conveying this message than simple “Thank you” cards can ever be.

Another reason to include these items is they allow the guests to take a keepsake back home with them to act as a reminder of the happiness shared with the bride and groom on this special day. Spring & Garden wedding favors are mostly bright and cheerful so the recipients will proudly display them in their homes and will be reminded of this special event every time they are seen.

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