Grapes are required for wine production No grapes means no wine

Posted on February 3, 2009 @ 2:13 am
by Jibran Qazi

Wine making grapes come in a multitude of thousands of varieties and possibly even more hybrids. This choice, becomes the sole decision of the wine maker to decide which variety will be used to provide the highest quality finished product. Still, with as many varieties as are available, you are still able to break the majority of grapes down into only 3 major groups. The first group is , Native Wild Grape, also known as Vitis Muscadinia.

In this group, grapes such as Muscadine (Scuppernong), Fox and Frost grape are categorized. Grapes in this group are extremely sharp tasting due to their high acid content. These grapes also have a strong pungent flavor and aroma. Being lower in sugar than other grapes, this class can also be distinguished from others by the fact they grow as separate berries, not in clusters as most grapes do.

Malbec, or also known as Auxerrois, creates a very neutral wine. Some people often refer to it as a fruity or “softer” tasting wine, the grape itself is typically grown in Luxembourg and Canada. Cabernet Sauvignon is the name of the grape, as well as it’s resulting wine. On the vine, this grape is small, very hard, and bright red in color. Usually grown in California or Australia, this grape makes for some of the best red wine available and usually tastes like blackberries.

Merlot, is a grape that ripes very early in the season compared to most other grapes. Also one of the more prevalent brands of wine, it is known for being able to produce several different tastes. Of those include cherry, honey, and occasionally mint depending on the length of growing and fermentation.

Typically, the Merlot grape is grown in France, Italy, and Australia. However more recently, vineyards have begun to grow this grape in California and Washington states. Last and certainly not least on this list of wine making grapes is Zinfandel. Most of this type of grape are grown in California. Depending on grow time and fermentation cycle, this wine may have either a fruity or spicy taste in either the red wine or white wine categories. Wine making and grapes go hand in hand and without grapes, wine is literally impossible.

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