The Most Famous Black Entrepreneurs Of These Times

Posted on February 2, 2009 @ 2:17 am
by Ade Shokoya

Many African-American entrepreneurs have earned fortunes and gained renown power for their professional work and charitable acts. Barak Obama will go down in history as the most famous African-American in the entire world, especially to those living in the United States of America.

He’s a combination of a well-known innovator with a keen intellect and a prosperous, thriving corporate executive. His biggest goal, as of right now, is to be the very first African-American President of the United States. Regardless of the importance of his achievement, people throughout the globe are anxiously awaiting his continued efforts on behalf of them and their nations.

Mr. Barak Obama became a President of the United States of America and he is the most humongous responsible for solving this huge situation in the world. The whole world is waiting for him to stop worldwide conflict.

Def Jam’s record label founder Russel Simmons, who is a very famous and well known African-American man, does world wide social activities and heads various charities as well as for music. People have gained the chance to survive and break out of poverty by his constant battles for humanity. This includes his support of race diversity.

Yet another renowned black entrepreneur from the field of entertainment and media is a female who is familiar to people worldwide as well. Oprah Winfrey is a name known all over the globe. She has amassed money in the multiples of millions and gives millions back to worthwhile causes close to her heart. Oprah has one of the largest media empires in the world that gives hope to millions and jobs to thousands.

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