Wine Choice: How to Cater to Good Taste

Posted on January 31, 2009 @ 2:16 am
by Tony Hampton

If you have ever tried wine tasting you will have found its quite simple. You don’t need to be an expert and can even start without any recognized training. Etiquette dictates that the gentlemen should ensure the ladies are always served their wine first. Water at room temperature is normally served at any good wine tasting parties. You might find this strange but the water is used to clean your palate out prepared for the next taste of wine. Make sure that the water you are given is not too cold as this can shock the palate and ruin the taste of your next drink.

Holding the wine glass by the stem and not the bowl in the palm of your hand is very important when it comes to wine tasting. One thing that individuals don’t realize is that the palm of your hand is warm and this can warm up the wine therefore changing the taste.

Most individuals think that wine tasting is just a matter of rolling the wine around your mouth before you either spit it out or swallow.

Looking at the colour is the first thing you should do when wine tasting. Make sure the glass you have been given is clean and easy to see through otherwise you can’t see the true color of the wine. To be able to see the wine and its true color clearly you should use a white background, some people use a white table cloth. White wines are not always pure white, sometimes they are a shade of green, yellow and even brown. For red wines, you will observe that it also has different shades of red, the lighter the color of the red wine is, the older it is.

There is a test that can indicate the age or the flavor of the wine and that is to run the wine around the rim of your glass and look at the color. Simply tilt your glass and observe the color of the wine, if it look like a tint of brown it will be an older wine, if it is has a shade of purple then it will be a younger wine.

The next step is to smell the wine, first swirl the wine around the glass to expose the wine to the air, position the glass close to your nose and inhale deeply. The flavor of the wine is released by swirling the wine around the glass, remember the wine could have been in the bottle for many years. If you have ever done any cooking you will blend in the different flavors so mixing wine with air is no different.

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