Drink Acai Berry Juice To Prevent Cancer

Posted on January 29, 2009 @ 2:06 am
by Ron Duckett

Very recently Acai berry research conducted by the University of Florida showed some amazing results that made the scientific community sit back. Acai berry, the fruit grown for centuries in the jungles of Amazon in Brazil where the people used it for its great healing properties of the body and mind, has managed to stall the growth of leukemia cells. Cancer cure is not possible but cancer cells can be destroyed, as extracts from the Acai berry that is also used for juice production, made the leukemia cells self destroy.

Rich in anti-oxidants, they are released in great doses into the human body when they drink the Acai berry juice. Acai berry juice drinkers in the US have endorsed the great benefits it has given to them over tome as they were hooked to it regularly. Why wouldn’t they be? Acai berry juice offers the best health benefits that are far greater than Acai berry pills or powder. People take in a lot of vegetables, fruits and fibers with the idea that they contain the necessary ingredients in them for a better health of the mind and the body.

Similarly, when buying Acai berry juice, the properties that made them popular to Amazonians for several centuries would now go into keeping people from the developed world now. Technological advances and Acai berry research has unearthed Acai juice benefits that can rejuvenate people and make them healthy, fine and fit once again. People began to take the Acai berry benefits seriously when the result on cancer cells showed up. If leukemia cells could go on a self-destruction mode when treated with Acai berry extracts, then surely drinking Acai berry juice could be the answer to more health benefits than was known earlier. Those who went on to buy Acai berries were all for the Acai berry benefits and strengthened the findings of Acai berry research.

It improved digestion, gave them a very healthy skin and packed energy into them for a more enhanced lifestyle. After all, not too many food supplements can be found to have properties that can battle cancer cells. Destruction of leukemia cells was the result of Acai berry research which brought to the fore at least a preventive measure for people suffering from the dreaded disease. Many Americans suffer from leukemia like people in other parts of the world and if this dreaded disease can be arrested as has been shown by Acai berry research, then it is natural for people to sit up and notice.

But research that was carried out by the University of Florida made these startling revelations about Acai berry benefits that could be had from drinking the Acai berry juice. Free radicals that can enter the body to destroy the system in the form of pollution, smoke and other emissions can also lead to cancer of the lungs and other organs of the body.

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