Can You Still Make Money With The Build A Niche Store Program?

Posted on January 28, 2009 @ 2:09 am
by Don Lawson

There was a time not too long ago that a program was created that used eBay auctions as content. All the user had to do was install the program on a webhost, plug in a few category numbers from eBay and the script would automatically. Needless to say, the Build A Niche Store program became an instant hit with Internet Marketers.

At the time, the Build A Niche Store Program allowed beginners to quickly build niche targeted sites using eBay auctions and Google Adsense along with other ads. Many of these people were making 5 figures or more each month. Life was good if you had a network of Build A Niche Store sites.

After a year or so the bottom fell out from under BANS owners. Google up and pulled the plug on many, but not all, BANS sites. The reason for this is unclear, as Google never gave an official reason. Speculation at the time was that it viewed these sites as thin affiliate sites and felt they offered no benefit to search engine users. Some sites that were making $10,000 or more a month went to making nothing as they fell out of the Google SERPS.

In a move that added salt to a wound, eBay then started dropping affiliates from their rolls. No one is quite sure why either. The official email that users got left more questions than it did answers. What ever the reason, some affiliates who were making a living off their BANS sites suddenly found their self without income.

So is the BANS program still a viable vehicle to make money on the Internet? I think it is. However, Internet Marketers need to keep in mind that a BANS site should be built like any other site. It must have good content to be useful for the Internet user. Without it, new sites run the risk of ending up like some of the old ones. With no rankings and no affiliate products to make money.

Are there alternatives to the BANS program? Yes there is. Now we have programs that will turn WordPress into Affiliate sites using eBay auctions as well as a host of other programs that uses eBay to monetize their sites.

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