Uncommon Flower Delivery in Orlando

Posted on January 27, 2009 @ 2:19 am
by Kally Grady

This year Valentines Day, February 14, 2009, is on a Saturday. This is not a work day so you can get creative with your gifts and flower delivery in Orlando. I’ll share a few secrets. First, what does your valentine usually do on Saturdays? Does she work around the house, shopping or spend time with the kids? Is there a certain time of the day she likes like to workout? Does your special Valentine have a job that requires her to work on Saturday? Make sure the flowers are delivered when she is home and will get them right away. If you have to send them to work, make sure they arrive at specific time.

Make a note of what she usually does on Saturdays? Does she run errands, clean up the house or spend time just relaxing? Is there a an activity she does routinely each Saturday? Does your love one have to work on Saturdays? If she is going to be home schedule the flowers to be delivered when you know she will answer the door. If send them to work is the only option, order them to arrive just before she takes her break.

My husband is a romantic guy, he once had the service deliver the flowers when I was helping as a parent teacher for my 6 year old’s kindergarden class. This year the kids will not be in school but maybe at an activity like church or practice – it all about the element of suprise.

If your up for it, try to get your sweetie to be a specific place at a specific time. This usually requires help. Have you ever had flowers delivered while you were having dinner at her favorite restaurant? Plan to take her to a movie or a play or maybe a dance club an have them delivered there. Make sure your florist can deliver anywhere and at any time in Orlando. If your going out, most places will need to be called ahead of time to work ou the details

Everybody likes to participate in making somebody happy, ask you contact at the business if they have any suggestions from past experiences. All of the good managers will go out of there way to help you. And don’t for get to tiop them if they do. Your valentine will be impressed at the time and effort you put in to make her feel special.

Which flowers do you choose? Thats the next question. In a city like Orlando you can virtually get anything you can imagine. Ok, where to start? Think about what is her favorite flower or maybe her favorite flower color. If your having trouble coming up with an original idea, ask her mother or a sister. They always know.

If its roses, be careful. Each color offers a slightly different meaning: red means love; pink is for gratefulness and appreciation (usually reserved for friends and family); purple means love at first sight; orange shows desire; yellow is a sign of friendship and happiness; peach is both sympathy and gratitude; and white symbolizes respect and humbleness.

A little research into flowers can offer certain ideals about them and their meanings. Then, when you send a unique flower and she asks why you had an Azalea bouquet delivered, you can answer, ‘Because you are my first true love.’ Or, when she wonders why you chose Daffodils you can romantically answer, ‘They are to remind you that you are the only one.’ If you lack the creative ability to choose the perfect flower for delivery in Orlando, dont hesitate to ask the florist ” they are the experts!

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