Do All Car Rental Companies Offer One-Way Rentals?

Posted on January 25, 2009 @ 2:02 am
by Amy Nutt

Car rental companies are all about satisfying their customers, so they offer a wide array of services. Some of the services are needed and others are not. There is also the fact that there are a lot of add-ons that people may or may not need. But what about those things that you may need, but you find out they may not have? What special things do you need out of a car rental company?

Of those things that are needed by some individuals are one-way rentals. One-way rentals allow an individual to rent the car in one city, drive it to another, and then leave it at another location owned by the rental company. In other words, they do not have to drive the car back to its original location. This is great for those individuals who are moving to another destination. This is also great for those wishing to drive to their destination, but then fly, ride the train, or ride a bus back.

A scenario

Here is a perfect scenario as to why someone may need a one-way rental: Lets say that someone drives 12 hours away from home. They drove instead of flew because they wanted to take the time out to be on the road alone and enjoy the sights. However, they get a phone call that tells them there is an emergency and they need to come home as soon as possible. The only way they are going to be able to achieve that is if they buy a plane ticket in order to get home quickly. However, they have an issue on their hands and that issue is that they have the rental car and they are not sure what to do. They surely cant drive back home and make it back in a reasonable amount of time.

This is where a one-way rental comes in. They go to another location owned by their rental car company such as car rental Calgary and find out that they can just drop the car there so that they can catch a flight home.

Do they all offer one-way rentals?

As for whether or not all rental car companies offer one-way rentals, the truth is that they dont. The reason is because not all car rental companies are nationwide companies. There are smaller companies that you may find in your local area that may be a one location type of company or they own very few throughout the country. The national chains, on the other hand, they do offer one-way rentals. You probably wont find a company with locations all over the country that doesnt offer one-way rentals to their customers.

There are just so many reasons why someone may need a one-way rental that the company would be hurting financially if they didnt offer that option. Customers would simply go to another company that did offer the service. Thats how a lot of companies make a lot of money. They offer services such as this.

Dont fret So if you need a one-way car rental or truck rental, dont fret because this is definitely an option that you can take. It is nothing to be afraid of asking about. Theyre not going to look at you strange if you say you want a one way ticket to your destination. They are going to tell you where their location is in the town you are going so that you know where to drop of the car. If you need any other information regarding the drop off, you can simply ask and they will answer your questions. Just dont forget to shop around before committing to one company.

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