Classic Suit Brands

Posted on January 25, 2009 @ 2:01 am
by Victor Santerino

Suit brands and designers change from year to year, but there are some constants that are always popular. For instance Brooks Brothers suits were popular 100 years ago and are still popular today.

Some suits have what many would call “staying power”. These are the suit brands and designers that our fathers and grandfathers wore, and that if we are smart, we will wear too.

Reading this article will give you a good idea of who some of the everlasting designers have been. Finish reading the article, bookmark it, and use this knowledge the next time you buy a suit.

Wearing a Hickey Freeman suit is just as popular today as it was a century. Any design company that has been around this long tends to set the fashion standards rather than follow them. You will never see a company like this go out of style.

Wearing a Brooks Brothers suit is acceptable by both young and old. This suit has supplied men’s closets with beautiful suits since 1818.

The Hart Schaffner & Marx company is older than any other American suit company and yet makes more clothing than any other suit company in the world. Currently you can see the president sporting a nice HSM suit.

The Haspel suit was first spawned in the year 1909 and has been keeping people cool for more than one hundred years. Haspel suits have no rival in the summer suit department and are here to stay.

This list clearly does not contain all the classics out on the market today. However, now that you have read this article, trendy suit brands and designers will never trouble you again.

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