Holistic Acne Treatments and Medicines

Posted on January 24, 2009 @ 2:43 am
by Richard May

Essentially acne is an internal condition that is caused by several factors. But people only seem to think about the external acne factors and the signs of acne on the skin. These external factors can also hinder the healing process of acne and with these factors existing, it can be extremely difficult to overcome your condition. It is known that holistic acne remedies are not as effective if the acne is evolving and live.

Skin cleansers are commonly available over the counter from your chemist, they normally claim to be able to help with exfoliation and medicate the skin. However if these products contain benzoyl peroxide, they can sometimes cause more irritation and allergy reactions.

Therefore you can instead try soaps which are 100% natural and anti-bacterial, those containing tea tree oil are especially effective. Try to wash twice a day using these kind of soaps and look out for ones which are also antiseptic. Using these natural soaps can help overcome some of the common acne symptoms such as redness, soreness and swelling.

Steaming your face five minutes before washing should become part of your daily routine if you’d like to have a positive long term effective on your acne. First of all make sure you use some lukewarm water to wet the soap. Then apply the soap to the face in a circular motion gently using your fingertips. Wash the face very carefully and gently pat your kin down using a dry cotton towel. Please note that over washing your face can sometimes lead to further irritation of your skin so be careful with this.

Internal ways of treating your acne often go overlooked when they can actually place a big part in the control and curing of your acne. One such way to treat acne internally is to increase your intake of natural water, ideally the recommended daily amount is ten glasses a day. The effect of this is to help balance the oil secretion which can lead to acne problems.

In relation to external factors, you will probably be more familiar with these and how to overcome them. One good example is aloe vera cream which when used regularly, can reduce dryness and soreness of the skin. This is much more effective than using un-natural acne treatments which an have a negative effect on acne affected skin.

People often wonder what the exact causes of acne are, however they are quite hard to define because acne affects people in different ways. However it is known that hormonal imbalances can lead to the sebaceous glands producing too much oil, which leads to their being an excess of oil on the surface of the skin opening up the pores as well. Firstly avoid astrigents which are water and alcohol based. An alternative is to use a naturally created product for example neutrogena clear pore oil controlling astrigent. This product can have a very good effect on your acne affected skin.

However if you have sensitive skin you need to try and test out any new products or treatments on a smaller area of skin such as your chin before using it fully. Alternatively there are many holistic medicine and acne treatments around now which are very effective.

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