Edible Wedding Favors – Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Wedding Favors

Posted on January 23, 2009 @ 2:13 am
by Aaron H.

Wedding favors have become a traditional part of wedding receptions in recent years. Favors are small, inexpensive items that are given by the bride and groom to the guests as a special “Thank you” for attending. Favors convey the genuine gratitude felt by the couple in a manner that a simple “Thank you” card can’t equal. When shopping for wedding favors, most couples want their guests to know that they have good taste. Now it is possible to give out favors that taste good. Coffee and Tea Favors and Chocolate wedding favors fit the bill on both counts.

With only a very few exceptions, most people drink coffee, tea, or both. Coffee and tea favors are normally a mug with coffee, tea, or some of each inside. These favors are generally appreciated by all. Shopping around for coffee and tea favors will generally let a couple find different options among the possible choices so that they may purchase the items that their guests will prefer. Coffee and tea favors often lend themselves to personalization with relative ease. Either the mugs, or the packages of coffee/tea may have the names of the couple and the wedding date imprinted on them. Personalization in this manner assures that the people who receive these favors will recall this wedding fondly when they consume the coffee or tea selections. Even those few who do not use either one will like the mug and remember the couple and the wedding whenever it is used.

Chocolates are another tasty treat that make good wedding favors. Chocolate wedding favors can be different items, including cookies, cakes, sweet chocolate candies, or even hot cocoa packets. Almost everyone can appreciate fine chocolate treats and those who do not usually have a reason, such as a food allergy, that the couple will be aware of and able to substitute something else for those individuals. The hot cocoa could even be added to the coffee and tea favors discussed above.

Most chocolate favors can be personalized quite easily. Packets of hot cocoa can have a personal message imprinted on them. Wrappers, which must be manufactured for chocolate pieces and bars anyway, can have the date of the wedding and the couple’s names imprinted on them without adding a significant amount to the cost. Personalization will increase the value of these items in the minds of the people who receive them, however, and cause them to recall this wedding and think about the couple when they choose to consume the chocolate.

All couples have a strong desire to give out wedding favors that their guests will find in good taste. With coffee and tea favors or chocolate wedding favors, these items are not only in good taste, but taste good as well.

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