What is a Clickbank Hoplink?

Posted on January 21, 2009 @ 2:02 am
by Graham McKenzie

As one of the leading affiliate hubs available, Clickbank needs to keep track of over 100,000 affiliates selling over 10,000 different products. With so many different hits to keep track of, in order to successfully create an effective and easy to use affiliate system, Clickbank created special links known as Hoplinks.

These links quickly transfer the individual through Clickbank (without their knowledge) giving you credit for the hit and, eventually the sale. Hoplinks are links that transfer hits from your website to the website of the product you are working as an affiliate to sell.

When a customer visits the site and clicks on the item but does not make a purchase that day, but if he makes the purchase within the next 30 days then you will get the credit since those hits are logged to the Clickbanks system.

Also, Clickbank tracks hits so you can easily track important stats like conversion rates of the products that you are selling using a particular Clickbank ID. This lets you find out which products are winners and which ones are not.

Clickbank has received some criticism over their hoplink program; not because there is anything wrong with the way it works (Clickbanks affiliate system is one of the fairest and most efficient affiliate systems available) but because the links themselves are aesthetically displeasing. They tend to be a large number of letters and digits, several periods, and the links do not contain the web address of either the site you are coming from or the site you are going to.

The valid concerns are that the sales are reduced because people these days don’t trust the links. Many people believe that the links might mislead them particulary that of a review site when the link doesn’t point to the site being reviewed. They tend to scroll over the links many times.

It is assumed, however, that the actual effect on sales is at best minimal. Most won’t even hover over the links and they can be somewhat cautious and resist buying digital products offered on the website.

On more thing to think about before you use the Clickbank hoplink program is the fact that your user ID is entrenched in the hoplink as well as tacked on to the website itself, when the instructions to redirect have been carried out. So as to make sure tracking is conducted accurately, Clickbank incorporates a ? UserID at the end of the user resource locator (url) of the website which visitors can clearly see at the top of the page. For this reason you may not wish to use your name as your user ID and you also do not want to pick a user ID that is improper since all your prospective clients will see it.

However, as long as you are able to overlook the aesthetics of the Clickbank hoplink program, the system itself is one of the strongest and most efficient affiliate systems in the business. If you are going to become an affiliate for digital products, as long as you are using the Clickbank hoplinks you can be sure that all of your sales are properly tracked and you will get the credit you deserve.

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