Diamond Ring Settings

Posted on January 19, 2009 @ 2:41 am
by Daniel Joines

The diamond is a precious gemstone known all over the world for its value. You might be surprised to learn that although the diamond is the most coveted stone in the world, making more in sales than all other precious stones combined, it is simply made up of simple carbon.

Before diamonds are known to the public eye, they undergo a process of mining, grading, cutting, and polishing, transforming from a rough diamond into a sparkling precious gemstone. But it just doesn’t stop there. What makes the diamond arrive in its final perfect form is the setting of the stone, completing the jewelry.

Diamond settings are the platform or the foundation in which the diamond sits. There are different settings available for different types of jewelry, whether you’re looking into buying a ring, necklace, or earrings. When jewelers acquire loose diamonds, it’s best to consider their shape and cut before placing the stone or stones in its setting. Certain settings enhance the beauty of the diamond shape better than others.

For example, the pear shape diamond is more commonly used in pendants and drop earrings, while the princess cut diamond is more used in engagement rings as a solitaire.

Here are just some of the questions or decisions to ask:

1. Do you like yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

2. Would you like your diamond to be a solitaire or adorned with smaller stones? You can either choose smaller diamonds or another type of stone, like sapphires or emeralds.

3. Try wearing different settings before deciding. What you like and what looks good on you might be two different things altogether. 4. Know your taste, whether it is vintage, modern, romantic or floral.

5. Ask help from a reputable diamond jeweler on what style and setting would be best for your diamond and you. Although it’s a matter your personal taste, it won’t hurt to ask for an opinion from an expert.

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