Wanna Save Some Money With Car Auctions?

Posted on January 17, 2009 @ 2:34 am
by Brett Slansky

Car auctions are still not in minds of many people when buying a car. They just simple lave it out on the shoulders of local car dealers. Did you know they get the cars on their lot on auctions for cheap?

Do not believe me? I have witnessed so many times the car dealer told client about the deal. Something like: “Yeah I got special deal on this car, so I give you my price…” If the client only knew.

Car dealers have their own tricks on how to make you believe you are special.

I do not jump on tricks like that. Especially now when I know that I can shop for my dream car on a car auction and do not waste my money on car dealer sales talk.

Want to know how and where to attend auto auctions in your area? Just check you local police listings, banks or some government institutions. Or do some search online.

Why they are holding these car auctions? Well, there is som US law that makes them to get rid of these vehicles. It’s caller seisure and surplus.

So when you want to buy a car for less than $500 dollars, you can just go ond do some research locally or online. There are plenty of sites to do the research.

Would not that be nice, having almost new car with low mileage for up to 75% off? I think so. And I think now it is time for you to find out and capture that secret list of auto auctions.

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