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Posted on January 17, 2009 @ 3:02 am
by Ken James

There are very a few Certification credentials in the business universe, which accommodate the identical value and prestigiousness as SAP Certification. Say you want to attain SAP Certification, you have to perfect your skills, either through rigorous study or particular industry experience. You will have to present your abilities with SAP, by passing demanding, process-oriented exams that comprise of practical questions. If you pass the examination, you will receive a globally recognised SAP Certificate. Whether you are a SAP partner, customer, or user, SAP Certification provides you with a competitive advantage.

In 1999 SAP begun their training programs for professionals who were neither customers nor partners. This opened up a whole new world of top-rated training and certification programs at SAP centers around the world. These training programmes can be very pricy, even so, and require up to three weeks to gain a deep interpreting of a unique module or subject. If you have time and can spend money, you can register for 1 of SAPs five-week crash classes in some of the following fields : FI/CO, MM/SD, and HR/ABAP. You can attain SAP Certification after coming out and passing an examination in your preferred field.

As a Master aspiring towards SAP Certification, you should be aware that there are 3 Certification Levels for SAP Certification Associate, Professional, and Master. For the Associate and Professional levels, there are multi tier certifications available for SAP CRM 2005. There are likewise three Focus fields for SAP Certification – Application, Technology, and Development. They have been projected to aid you in learning the right SAP certification. All three SAP certification levels utilise to the three Focus regions. You can acquire SAP Certification for whatsoever of the 3 Focus fields –

Application level certification The Application level certification is achievable for a list of SAP solutions. You can appear for the Application level certification test after completing the required class and case – study, or equivalent SAP course curriculum. Say you have large experience in implementing SAP results, you can come along for the examination without going through the course.

Technology level certification For this certification, you must accomplished the SAP answer academy class or SAP training course. You can then appear for the Technology level certification examination and attain SAP certification. Say you already have huge experience with SAP, you can appear for the examination without going through the course.

Development level certification The Development level certification is for people and pros who develop applications for SAP answers. For the Development level certification, you must complete the required academy/SAP course and appear for the test and become a SAP certified developer.

To prepare for the Tests is another story all in all. Each and every 1 of the SAP certifications has it’s own set of preparation methods. You can see more from the online information ready on the others SAP certification. You can also consult the answer academy or a SAP certified professional on examination preparation. There are no prerequisites to appear for a SAP certification examination. For example, it is not a requirement to complete a SAP Associate level test to qualify for a SAP Professional level examination, and the SAP course is recommended, but it is not a requirement.

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