Hen Night Accessories To Really Get The Party Going!

Posted on January 17, 2009 @ 2:48 am
by Penny Bridesworthy

When planning a Hen Night for you and a group of your best friends, what little things can be done to keep the night fun? The devil is in the details and when organising a Hen Night, dont be afraid to use some accessories to promote the affair. Hen night accessories can range from the sublime to the really naughty and can jazz up any party. Remember, this is the final wild hurrah before married life, so make it count!

Sometimes the most fun and simplest way to accessorise is to match. Sporting some matching t-shirts for the girls in your group, or some custom accessories to show the world what youre up to is always a fun way to identify your group. Everything from pictures of the blushing bride to cartoon mischief on the front of those shirts can let people know what youre up to.

Spice it up! One thing we recommend is to create a motif for you and your gal pals. On www.cocky-hen.com you can find several ideas for Hens Night, such as a devil motif. Simply wear some horns to let people know youre out to be little devils and maybe have some fun with the eye makeup while youre at it. Also, theres nothing wrong with sporting some fun black wings to further push the image.

If this isnt your style then consider some cheeky gifts. Everything from lacy undergarments to oddly-shaped massagers is fair game and thats not all.

What venue will you choose for the party? Simply adding handouts, such as streamers, hats or buttons can improve the atmosphere. Maybe even something as wild as bottle trainers designed in precarious shapes (to help the bride-to-be with her form) can jazz up the atmosphere and get people in the right frame of mind.

Also, why not make some changes to some existing games? If youre at a pub, persuade the publican to exchange that dart board for some appendage-themed entertainment. Its only for one evening and the majority of bars are happy to help.

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