The Effectiveness Of Networking For Professionals

Posted on January 16, 2009 @ 2:25 am
by Craig Calvin

In the past, it has seemed that the concept of networking involved attending cocktail receptions where everyone had a name tag and just wagged around a room glad-handing and dropping business cards. While those events can be effective at making useful contacts, there are plenty of other ways to successfully network in today’s business world. One of the first things to do is to get to know others in your industry. Whether you share about vendors or market conditions, those relationships will help develop a bond that will be very useful down the road.

Groups that are focused on gathering people from different types of businesses are also an excellent source for business. The wide variety of different businesses represented allows you to meet and mingle with people who can send business your way. And the personal touch gained from getting to know others in your community can not be beat.

Joining the local Chamber of Commerce should always be considered. Virtually every community has a local Chamber of Commerce and fellow members can be instrumental in helping you strengthen your business’s standing in the community. Being known as a community leader in your field provides contacts that can prove invaluable.

Supporting the arts and culture in your community will give you exposure to different eyes that you may not normally be in contact with. Often, influential and wealthy people support and attend art and cultural events, and your advertisement can be very successful in planting your business in their minds next time they need a service or product that you offer.

Community volunteer work can be a real boost to your image in addition to allowing you to contribute to your community. You will be sure to meet others who are in the same position, and that can be very effective at building business. Whether you choose to join a gym, a golf club, or a baseball team, the opportunity for group camaraderie and involvement will always be a positive experience. Make sure you always have business cards on hand wherever you go. If the image you portray is friendly and professional, then it will be memorable and people will be more likely to contact you when they’re in need of your type of business.

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