Lose Pounds and Looking Great On Your Wedding Day

Posted on January 15, 2009 @ 2:58 am
by Brad Morgan

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect and live up to the picture they have in their heads, and everyone pictures herself as a trim, fit bride, moving weight loss to the top of the wedding to-do list.

Along with getting the dress, booking a caterer, and arranging flowers, quick weight loss is at the top of many brides’ minds. Here are some weight loss strategies so you can make sure all eyes are on you ? and that you like it! ? on your special day.

1. Nutrition is paramount.

While it may seem like a great time for a fad diet or to stop eating, resist the temptation. You want to look good, but you also want to feel good. Your wedding is not the time to deprive yourself of nutrition.

Diets that result in quick weight loss aren’t always safe, so the key to being fit for your wedding is to start early. You can fit into your dream gown and look good in all your pictures if you follow a healthy plan for nutrition.

* Skip the soda or dessert. By cutting only 200-250 calories a day, you are on you way to weight loss.

* Don’t skip meals. This puts your body in starvation mode, when it stores fat instead of burning it.

* Get plenty of fiber and protein. These will help you keep your body healthy and aid in weight loss.

* Skip the convenience foods. If you are too busy to eat right, start bringing healthy snacks with you on your errands.

* Find non-food ways to relieve your stress. Planning a wedding and preparing to be married is very stressful. Don’t turn to food. Try meditation, yoga, or regular exercise. These have the added bonus of helping you lose even more weight.

* Don’t get carried away with pre-wedding parties. Instead of grabbing a calorie-laden, bloat-inducing alcoholic drink, try water instead.

* Get the most from your calories. Sugary desserts offer no nutrition in exchange for the whopping amount of calories. Opt for fruit if you want some sweetness.

2. Exercise is critical.

Worrying about your weight and then deciding to do something about it a few days before your wedding is not going to work.

You have to make the commitment well before the big day. You wouldn’t expect yourself to plan a wedding in a few days ? don’t expect your body to change in a few days either.

* Start exercising. You can start slowly by walking around the block every day or going to a fitness class. As always, add intensity and variety to your workouts to keep the weight coming off.

* For people who do exercise, Bride Boot Camp videos and exercise programs can be just the challenge their body needs to kick up fat and calorie burning. There are a lot of different videos offered by excellent trainers, and they can be immensely rewarding.

* Take dancing lessons. This will prep you for the big first dance with your new spouse and help you get more fit.

* Some great exercises to try are:

– Cardio. Try anything to get your heart rate up.

– Pushups. If you can’t do a traditional form, try a modified one. You’ll still get the same terrific results and have great chest and back muscles to show off on your wedding day.

– Lunges. These really help work your thighs and butt. Pair them with an chest press for even more fat burning power.

– Yoga and Pilates are effective for giving you a leaner, more graceful look.

– Use a stretchy band to add resistance and firm muscle. They can be used in both cardio and strength training routines.

* Have good posture. This can help you look thinner.

3. Common mistakes brides make when they want to lose weight

* Starting too late. They may be down to the last month and want to lose twenty pounds. You probably cannot do this healthfully and safely. Don’t put your health and long-term goals at risk (crash dieting can lead to even more weight gain). Even quick weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

* Not exercising. Diet alone is not going to help you lose weight and keep it off. You need to exercise. Plus, it firms your muscles and makes you look more fit.

* Drastically cutting calories. When you try to cut too many calories ? by skipping meals, for instance ? your body responds by shutting down. It no longer burns fat; it stores it because it thinks it is starving. Do yourself a favor: eat!

* Having unrealistic goals. If you have always been about a size 12, you’re not going to magically become a size 4 for your wedding. This is fine ? it’s your body. You can still tone your body and look amazing on your day. Choose a dress that flatters your real body, not the one you wish you had.

Most importantly, start losing weight now if you want to meet your goals for your wedding!

Have a celebratory glass of champagne after your boyfriend pops the question. The next day, get started on a healthy, safe weight loss program that can help you look your best.

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