Secrets Revealed Of How To Learn Telepathy

Posted on January 13, 2009 @ 3:17 am
by Georgia McClough

Every human being can learn telepathy. This ability translates to sensing and transmitting feelings over a distance, without using any of the five physical senses or using words. This kind of mind to mind communication works instantly and can even cross enormous distances.

If you believe that you cannot learn telepathy, think again. You’ve probably already had some kind of telepathic experience yet did not realize it was happening or didn’t interpret it as being telepathic. For instance, you’ve likely had the experience of suddenly thinking about someone that you haven’t spoken to, maybe not even thought of until that moment, for a long time; then, later on that day or the day after, you receive a telephone call, e-mail, or letter from that very person.

What happened in this case is that one or the other of you contacted the other telepathically, transmitting longing, affection, wonder, and other emotions.

This telepathic contact sparked them to contact you verbally. Maybe you thought of them first, and they received your feelings and were prompted to contact you. Or, maybe they signaled to you, your thoughts of them were return signals (without you realizing it) and that gave them the go-ahead to make further contact. And it could have been that they were preparing to contact you and you telepathically perceived it before they actually did the action.

Many people believe that they can’t learn telepathy for one reason or another. This might be because they have a religious background that teaches them that this kind of contact is evil or sorcerous. In these cases, they don’t try to learn it, and suppress their existing telepathic experiences. Many people have also been told that telepathy is irrational and superstitious, due to the lack of available scientific evidence.

One major barrier to learning to be telepathic is a myth believed by many people who actually practice this type of communication. Some people think that spoken languages are inferior and the result of having to go without telepathy. This isn’t any more true than the assumptions that telepathy is bad or invalid. Words and telepathy complement one another very well, like the lyrics to a song and its music.

In this analogy, the lyrics to a song are spoken language, and the music is telepathic contact. Each is an enhancement of the other. After all, telepathic feelings are rarely well defined – words sharpen and clarify them. This is why we use words in the first place. However, dependence on language can cause people not to communicate in a telepathic fashion, leading to fewer and fewer people using this method of communication.

So, are you feeling interested in telepathic communication? You can open the doors of perception and closer than ever with others. Learning telepathy is much easier than it seems if you don’t know how. Like everything else, you need to practice it to succeed.

First, you should partner up with someone, preferably a long-established friend, who shares your open-minded attitude about the possibility of telepathic powers. In fact if it’s possible, partner up with someone who burns with the desire to learn it (as hopefully you also do). When you’re starting out you need all the positive reinforcement you can get.

The next thing you need to do is separate from your partner. You shouldn’t be able to see or hear one another, or give each other cues. Both of you need to be as relaxed as possible, since being tense tends to interfere with your performance in this and in other activities. Remove stress and worry from your mind and make sure you’ve got a method to get in touch with your partner. A phone or Internet connection will work well.

You’ll want to have an agreement about who will go first. That person will visualize the other person in their mind as clearly as possible, then think about a connection between you. Common imagery involves a light surrounding both people or a thread of energy connecting them.

Now you’ll need to send your thoughts about a particular subject over that thread, as though they were part of a phone call or an Internet transmission. Start with something simple and clear, like a photograph you can see, or something that’s been on your mind. It should be something the other person can’t easily guess without contact.

When you feel (literally) that you’ve completed this telepathic transmission, contact the partner by cellphone, etc, and ask them what if anything they saw in their mind. Once you’ve compared notes, it’s the partner’s turn to telepathically send to you.

When you’re starting out, if you don’t feel like you’re able to make a transmission after fifteen minutes or so, take a break. Keep early attempts simple and brief so you’re not tired or frustrated. Negativity doesn’t help.

If you want to learn telepathy, the most important thing is to keep your mind positive about it, and don’t give up until you start to get results. You’ll be entering into a new and wondrous universe!

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