Learn To Play Piano With Passion

Posted on January 13, 2009 @ 2:47 am
by Raddy Antric

Children are often forced to learn the piano so that they can earn a certificate. The latter offers them an opportunity to teach the instrument in the future and make money. This situation is present due to the acknowledged high earnings that piano teachers have as a career.

Unfortunately, this reduces the level of enjoyment the instrument can provide. By nature, children do not like being compelled to do something they do not like. So while they might be able to master the piano, they usually end up hating it and have little interest for music associated with it.

Instead of using the piano as a means of making money, you should learn how to view it as a passion and form of enjoyment. When one plays the piano, it can be a source of both relief and release. It helps to reduce the stress that one experiences in daily life and its problems.

Playing the piano allows you to release frustration through the actions involved. Pedal stepping can be strangely relaxing for the body when it is feeling tight. Many have also resorted to tinkling the piano keys to keep their arms and upper body limber and free.

The end result from all these movements is the greatest relaxant of all – soothing music. Depending on what songs are played, they can either help alleviate your moods or allow you to indulge in melancholy.

What the piano manages to do is to allow the player to enter their own world while playing it. This can be a powerful way to manage the stress or problems that one faces and deals with everyday. It is also the same why musicians often find comfort in their art.

Unfortunately, parents are not as long sighted in this aspect. They prefer to impose their own values of practicality on children, which often backfires when the latter choose to give up on their lessons, citing a lack of interest.

With the positives that it provides, parents should encourage their children to learn the instrument with a different mindset. The young will enjoy the process more and even improve at a faster pace. This usually happens when passion replaces necessity.

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