In Depth Look at Airline Credit Cards

Posted on January 8, 2009 @ 3:15 am
by Mary Bush

In recent times, many folks are getting attracted to airline cards, since these cards seem to be an ideal way to get free airway miles. All airline credit cards feature different ways where they accrue fee airline miles. Most of the airline cards provide cardholders with a percentage of purchase amount return on air miles. This percentage amount varies in accordance with the policies of credit card companies. Usually, the purchase amount applied to air miles on an average credit card is something between one and one and a half percent.

Matters You Need To Consider:

Before signing up for travel cards, be certain to read the terms and conditions of your credit. In addition, doing even bit of arithmetical calculation can prove to be of great use. You also need to know, that these credit cards usually have a high rate of interest than other typical credit cards. Numerous airline credit cards also ask you to pay some amount as annual fee for turning into an approved airline credit card holder.

Many airline credit cardholders find that the additional amount spent on the interest may not wrap the benefits made on free airway miles. Since several airline companies charge a high rate of interest on their credit cards, at times, you find that the amount of money you spend on these credit cards is more than the sum gained from free airline miles.

If you consider applying for an airline card, then you also need to consider several other related issues. Always remember that numerous airlines have upper limits on the amount of free airline mile that you can gain in a specific year. If you cross your credit limit beyond a certain limit, you will have to pay a high rate of interest without gaining any return as free airline miles.

Many airline companies make it more difficult for the airline credit cardholders to make use of their free airline miles. An airline credit cardholder, who has accumulated many free airline miles, may not use the miles in a way that he or she wishes, since blackout periods are increasingly getting common.


One also needs to consider about the rewards given by airline cards. It is not only essential to look at how much air miles your card gives you directly, but also consider how much airline miles are required for your prime free flight.

Remember to ascertain whether your airline miles have any expiry date with them. Most of these may expire only after a year, while some cards never expire.

At times, your purchases can also offer you with some rewarding points. These vary from one airline credit card to another, but mostly airlines give one airline mile per dollar you spend on your purchases. A few airline credit cards offer you as big as two air miles each dollar that you spent on total purchases.

The best airline credit cards let you to transfer your reward points from other things such as hotels, brand name merchandise, and car rentals as well.

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