Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in NYC

Posted on January 7, 2009 @ 2:31 am
by LJ James

Every year when the cold Weather hits Its Time for the Bike Shows I head out to the Jacob K Javits convention Center in New York City for the Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.

This Show for me is always a great time,I get to see so many people I know all at Once,The event is always packed and the attendance is always higher then any other event I have ever seen.

Now anyone who knows me ,knows I try to never talk negative about anything but I need to ask what’s up with air Bags on Motorcycles? who and when did someone come up with this idea? I mean I heard about something like this years ago and I’m pretty sure it was the punch line to the end of a joke! maybe its me and I’m missing something but if an air bag on your Motorcycle is something you are looking for maybe you should just get a station Wagon!

The indoor Bike Stunt show always draws a HUGE Crowd with all it death defying tricks and stunts. When it comes to a show like this there is just too many things that go on to try to explain it all. So do not miss this show next year check out the website MOTORCYCLESHOWS.COM for upcoming events near you.

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