Clear Crisp Quality Of DVD Movies

Posted on January 7, 2009 @ 2:19 am
by Mary Bush

The picture quality of the DVD has advanced T.V quality many folds. You can purchase DVD’s by the hundreds or even by the thousands at various sites online. The video industry knows that it better keep the prices low in order to compete with the high quality bootleg versions available.

Not only that but also those same clear quality movies often appear online before the movie is even released. From the different places I went to the average price for a DVD movie is roughly six dollars each. The prices are only going to go lower with such emerging technologies such as the video hand held devices. The day is coming where people will be able to get their movies on demand at anytime and any place. Just as .mp3’s revolutionized the music, technology will alter the way we view movies.

There was something I noticed a few years back that I found very interesting. There was this movie called Skulls II at my local DVD rental store. To my surprise it was a direct to DVD sequel of The Skulls I had previously seen. Not only that but a third part was also made straight to DVD. You often find movies that can’t be seen in theaters or on cable because they were made just to be released as a DVD.

This isn’t something rare either. I have found several sequels to popular movies. It’s not too un-realistic to think that we may completely lose interest as a society in going to the movies. Why not just keep making movies for only DVD releases? Maybe they will go down that route as DVD movies gain in popularity and movie going diminishes.

Many retailers only advertise their new movies but what the ads don’t show is that they have thousands. So many movies that were made in the past have been put on DVD to ensure the movie last forever. Many of the great works may have been lost or forgotten if they hadn’t been released on DVD. Places such as pawn shops, want ads, and thrift store usual have stacks of DVD’s. I have seen them as low as two dollars a piece.

You can find many gems just spending so time looking through them. There are still plenty of movies that are hard to find. Some were released limitedly or keep selling off of the shelves. Going to a garage sale can get you hundreds of DVD movies at next to nothing. I just give my duplicate copies away to friends. Don’t be afraid to buy used DVD’s, they quality of DVD’s has gone up so must that it’s hard to ruin one.

They are pretty strong and don’t scratch as easily as they once did. My local DVD renters sell off their used DVD movies. There are many good deals and hard to find titles at DVD renters also. If you want to rent movies online, you can do that too. There are places that will deliver your DVD movies to you.

All sellers should be fair with the prices of their DVD movies. They have to realize that there is an abundance of them out there now. DVD’s overtook the standard VHS tape over in no time. People were anxious to trade their film for a disk. Just as they had a few years before with the compact disk. DVD movies were made fast and in large amounts for everyone to enjoy.

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