The 1st Banning of a Motorcycle Clubs Colors in America

Posted on January 6, 2009 @ 3:21 am
by LJ James

If you are a Member of a Motorcycle Club as I am, I’m sure you have heard about how a Judge has banned the Colors of the the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Not only are the Members not aloud to wear their Colors but any item that has their Colors on it must be forfeited upon demand. I can not expect those who are not in a Motorcycle Club to understand what this really means! Twenty years ago this would have struck fear into the soul of every US Citizen! Today I am sure most, probably, will not even hear about it and those that do will probably not care! What has happened to this Country?

I can not believe this is actually happening, I have been writing stories on this for years. Part of me had always hoped I was just being paranoid or that all the Motorcycle Clubs would some how come together on some level and work out the problems. I have been getting calls and emails on how the Story I wrote last year called “Taken from a History book in the year 2095” does not sound so far fetched any more?

Are there Criminals in Motorcycle Clubs? We hear about Drug dealers, Rapists and Murderers in the NFL and NBA all the time. When was the last time you heard of a Biker running a Dog fighting ring? Can a Judge just ban the Logo of a Sports Franchise if its Members are involved in some kind of Criminal activity? You may be saying “No way” because its different. Well I say it is only different because they haven’t done it yet! There are the same problems in Motorcycle Clubs that there are in all organizations. The Police force has much more Criminal Activity going on in it then all the Motorcycle Clubs put together! Only Difference is they can bury the Truth! When it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and criminal activity the big difference is, The legend of Motorcycle Clubs is, we are America’s bad boys and it just sells so dam good.

This law can not be allowed to stand!!! I am sure some Sport Bike Clubs and AMA Club’s feel they have nothing to fear! I am sure many are thinking this has nothing to do with them, Its only the Outlaw and 1% Clubs! They are thinking this isn’t about us “we are the good guys”. This always happens this way, take down the top level’s first! The other levels will make excuses as to why it is not their fight and stand aside. All Bikers must join the fight now because once they are done with the Outlaw and 1% Clubs, Who do you think they will be looking at Next? Once the Outlaw/ 1% Clubs are gone there will be no one left to come and help when they come for you!

I am pretty sure this is still the USA and this is completely against everything this Country was founded on and stands for! We all must ask, If this ruling is allowed to stand what Motorcycle Club will it be next? Will it be yours? What will the reasons be that they will use to ban your Clubs patch ? Will Jay walking be enough? Is that too ridiculous? How about if your an MC member and you get caught with a bag of pot? Is that enough? Will there have to be two Members involved? Three? What reason will they need to ban your Motorcycle Clubs patch?

When Motorcycle Clubs start having their Colors banned many members will start or join new Clubs,Because that is what we are Motorcycle Club Members! Soon the government will realize this and then Ban Motorcycle Clubs all together! Any one who thinks their Club is not at risk is kidding themselves! The time to unite and try to work together was yesterday! Today we have no choice but to ban together and fight for or right to survive for tomorrow it will be time to hide!!!

Even if some how all the Motorcycle Clubs can come together and work to win this fight, It is just the beginning and there will be many more rounds to come. If we are to win this fight we MUST at least make it to the 2nd round, Then we will have a Minute to pull ourselves together!!!

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