You Can Master Cisco Router Keys with Basic Simple Tutorial

Posted on January 4, 2009 @ 9:27 am
by residualsuccess

Knowledge is power. This is valuable information. A basic Cisco Router guide for those of you out there that want to get their feet wet with the Cisco Router. Click here now!

Have you always wanted to learn the Cisco Router but didn’t know where to start? Configuring the Cisco Router can be confusing. Would you like to learn the Cisco Router quickly even if you have limited time? Would you like get immediate access to a Cisco Router Basics Tutorial?

“Why would you want to learn the Cisco router? I’ll tell you what happened to me… I went from making $8.00 per hour to $30.00 per hour just by having some basic Cisco Router knowledge!!

Actually, I got pretty lucky… Let me take you back to the early 90’s. I had been doing very basic desktop support and some light Windows NT Administration and one day the main Network Engineer of the company I worked for got in a fight with the boss and walked out!

My boss was desperate yet he knew that I had interest in learning Cisco Routers so he sent me to a 5 day Introduction to Cisco Routers course. I am so glad this company was willing to drop $2000 for this course, but I admit that is a HUGE price tag to learn the fundamentals of the Cisco Router. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining.

$30.00 per hour in the early to mid 90’s was a great starting point. I kept learning and growing and ultimately started my own IT Consulting company. I now charge at least $100 per hour for Cisco Router consulting.

The main point I want to make is, not everyone has opporunities fall in their lap for a company to drop $2000 for a basic Cisco Router course. I realize that. So what I decided to do was put together the absolute fundamentals that any person needing to learn the Cisco Router needs into one easy to read package at a very affordable price.

Knowledge is power! The choice is yours on what you do with valuable information as it becomes available to you. This, my friend, is valuable information!

Another point I want to make and I’ll be very blunt and upfront about it. Network Engineers with Cisco Router experience make good money! Click here now!

I enjoy helping people grow and learn. I wrote another ebook called PIX/ASA Firewall Keys which has helped catapult many people into greater understanding of the PIX Firewall, and with that comes greater income.

One of the main things I kept hearing from those who read PIX/ASA Firewall Keys was the request to come up with a very basic guide to the Cisco Router, taught in the same down to earth style. So here it is!

This tutorial is going to teach you the very foundation that you will need to know to make it with the Cisco Router. Once you understand and grasp these concepts you can go on to more advanced routing tutorials.

Of all the comments I get from the readers of my tutorials and ebooks there is one common thing that stands out and this is one that I take great pride in – it is that I can break down these concepts in a very simple, down to earth and straightforward way.” Eric S. Severson, author of Cisco Router Keys

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