Indexing of Your Site.

Posted on January 4, 2009 @ 8:25 am
by Irmin J. Roybal

Site indexing is a necessary procedure performed by search engines in order to rate and list your site in search results. It is hard to underestimate the importance of timely and complete indexing of your site for your web business: your site (or any addition to your site) will not show-up in search results, until it is indexed.

Site Indexing can be done in two general ways. First: submission of your site to search engines directly. Second, getting a robot of search engine to crawl over your pages and indexing them. It can find your site using links from other pages. Thus, although straightforward submission seem like a good idea, your site may get better weight in the engine rating, if it will be visited from a link of another site. Clearly, if someone links to your site, therefore, it is useful.

The terms of site indexing vary from couple days to a month(s). It is a proven fact that having several links from sites with high PR substantially accelerate indexing. The fastest indexer on the web today is Google.

The terms of indexing of new pages of already indexed site are usually shorter if the site is frequently renewed. In other words, if the site shows new content on a daily basis, engine considers such site useful for users and hence, indexing is made faster.

Here are some tips, which can help to get faster indexing to your site:

– The distance between your main page and any other page of your site shall not exceed three clicks;

– Build a map of your site with all inner links. Post a link to the site map in your index page.

– Avoid making large pages, the size should not exceed 100 ” 200 kB. Robots rarely crawl further than such size.

– It is better to avoid parametrically complicated URLs in your links, such links slow down indexing. Use links which can be easily read by humans.

– Indexing instructions can be made with the aid of robots.txt file, use it.

You can check on progress in indexing of your web site (or new pages) either via direct inquiry to search engine, or using log files of your web host. If you will see a sudden fluctuation in the number of indexed pages, dont be surprised. This happens time to time because of temporary outage of server or some referrers, or, perhaps, because of a change in search engine algorithm.

Have a nice indexing!

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