Good Web Design And Picking The Right Host

Posted on January 4, 2009 @ 8:03 am
by Sam Ernie Orion

There’s a lot to a good web design. You need to carefully plan and have everything laid out so that there are no gaps or crowded areas and you need to have a catchy slogan and an attractive banner so that you’ll be able to stop surfers in their tracks when they get to your site. And don’t forget the content. Remember that content is still king and you’ll need to have some written for you that’s direct and to the point. On top of all that, all these things need to work together in perfect harmony so that you can convert visitors into sales.

Still, there’s one big problem. If you don’t have the right web host all of you other efforts may have gone to waste. You need a web host that can finalize the deal for you and make sure that your new enterprise gets the attention that it deserves.

The Engine

First off, you might need a little clarification. A web host is, simply put, the company that puts your site on the Internet so that everyone can see it. The engine that drives your car, so to speak. Of course there are the cheapest versions of these web hosts and some are even free, but they put ads all over your site and quite often that can ruin the intent of what you’re trying to accomplish.

You get what you pay for and for that reason it’s best to go with a commercial web host that you pay for. Expense shouldn’t be a problem since generally the cost is a tax write off for someone in business. There are a few general questions that the small business owner will want to ask to make sure they’re getting the product they want.

At the bare minimum, small business wants the web host to guarantee 95% up time. Being reliable is the biggest selling feature of any of these places. As well you need to check the space and bandwidth they offer. Make sure to check their terms of service so that you don’t get overcharged. Check into the support too. The best of these companies will have good customer service.

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