Finding a Job in Australia

Posted on September 13, 2008 @ 9:27 am

After my sister in law received her nursing degree, she decided that she wanted to travel the world.  Since her husband worked at home and they had no kids, it was going to be their opportunity to travel before they settled down to have a family.

Their biggest problem was that they didn’t know how to find a job in Australia as all their job hunting experience was based on finding a job in their hometown.  They decided that they would take a look online to see if there were any nursing jobs in Australia that she would be qualified for.

Their fears were quickly dismissed as they learned that there was an excess of health care jobs available and that she could work pretty much at a moments notice.

She applied for a couple of jobs, did some interviews over the phone, and had a job ready for her as soon as they moved there.  For them, it ended up being a dream come true.

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